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Best Diet Supplements

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Why Supplement?
Publish Date : 1/10/2006 6:11:19 AM   Source : Mar Porter

Why Supplement?

By Mary Porter

If you are relying on your diet to deliver all of your nutritional needs, you may be coming up short. food today does not have the same value as it did 50 years ago. Back then, farmers restored nutrients to the soil by mulching with natural fertilizers, and by rotating crops. Today there is extensive use of chemical substances that eventually deplete the soil of some of the essential components necessary for adequate nutrition. The end result is the supply of beautiful produce that looks great, but doesn’t have near the vitamins and minerals it should have, and did have 50 years ago.

Today’s food also loses value in the processes it is subject to. Canning, freezing, and even cooking fresh food all cost in nutritional value. The very popular added convenience of “quick to fix” or “ready to eat” takes away even more necessary elements.(Not to mention the chemical food preservatives, stabilizers, flavor enhances, artificial colors, and other stuff you are ingesting!)

The FDA Food Pyramid recommends the following:

Fats, Oils, Sweets – use sparingly
Milk, Yogurt, Cheese – 2-3 servings/day
Meat, Poultry, Fish,
Dry beans, Eggs, Nuts – 2-3 servings/day
Vegetable Group – 3-5 servings/day
Fruit Group – 2-4 servings/day

Doesn’t look TOO terribly tough to accomplish. If you are focused, and plan your meals, and are organized enough to fulfill all of the requirements. Then you have to make sure everyone in your household actually CONSUMES all of the carefully planned and presented meals.(Does everyone at your house like spinach? I am the only one here!)

Most people today are too busy to plan and deliver balanced, adequate meals every day. I can’t imagine being in one place long enough to eat 5 servings of vegetables in one 24 hour period, let alone finding that many that my daughter will eat.

But even if you ARE resourceful enough to accomplish this task, based on the information at the beginning of this report, you are probably going to come up short anyway.
Information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture reflects that it would require as many as 75 servings of spinach (my favorite!) grown today to deliver the same amount of iron in one serving of spinach grown in 1948.

I DO like spinach, but not that much!

Also, consider that Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) only direct you to get enough of any nutrient to prevent you from developing a nutritional deficiency disease, such as Rickets. That isn’t the same as directing you to take as much as you need to keep you in optimum health.

In addition, one size does NOT fit all. Many health conditions, age, gender, and other variables may determine what your nutritional needs are. They can change on a daily basis. Is a nursing mother’s requirements the same as those of an 80 year old man? Not likely.

Nutritional supplements are most definitely a little insurance to protect, maintain, and enhance your optimum level of health. However, all supplements are not created equally. It will do you little good to go to the local discount store and purchase the weekly special they are running in order to get rid of 2 year old stock that may not have been easily used by the body, even when it was fresh. You want supplements that are of high quality, and easily absorbed and used by your body.You want supplements that have been researched, tested, and proven to be effective.

Supplementation has been known to:

Increase Energy
Assist with Weight Loss
Improve Quality of Sleep
Decrease Mood Swings
Increase Mental Clarity
Improve Learning Ability
Reduce or Eliminate Some Affects of Chronic Disease
Enhance Immune System

It is recommended that you find some quality supplements as soon as you can.

Go to
for more inforation.

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Mary Porter Editor of Hot Health Tips,
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