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To Prevent The Cancer Diagnosis, You Should….
Publish Date : 1/10/2006 6:11:19 AM   Source : Bill Henderson

All my experience watching people “get” and overcome cancer
can be boiled down into one sentence: What we put in our
mouth causes and reverses all degenerative diseases. All
of them can be avoided and overcome by correcting what we
put in our mouth (just another way of saying the same thing).


So, first things first. Detoxify your body and avoid cancer
(and all other degenerative diseases) by fixing your diet.
Stop eating processed food (hydrolized this and hydrogenated
that), dairy, red meat, sugar and other sweeteners (even honey
and maple syrup), preservatives and chemicals. Stop drinking
coffee and alcohol and using cigarettes and prescription drugs.
Hmmmmm. Tall order.

[Of course, I’m not recommending that you stop taking prescription
drugs immediately. Consult your doctor. In Chapter 1 of my
book are 11 website directories of “holistic” doctors who are
sympathetic with this approach and will help you gradually elim-
inate your prescription drugs — all of which have side effects.]

Diet books abound. Many are worthless. The theories in one are
contradicted by those in another. Find any book by John McDougall,
Susan Powter, Robert Pritikin, Gary Null, Dean Ornish, Neal Barnard
and Terry Sintani. You’ll get sound advice on your diet. They
describe a diet {and give you tasty recipes) based on whole grains,
beans, most vegetables, some local fruit and small amounts of
poultry and seafood (if your system is compatible with seafood).
This is how you get and stay well.

Did you know that many studies with fruit flies and mice (they live
conveniently short lives) show that restricting your calories to
30-40% less than what you are now eating will extend your life
expectancy by 40%, no matter when you start it. Amazing but true.
The same effect can be obtained by fasting every other day.

The Japanese are first in the world in life expectancy (average
81.9 years). The French are 7th. The U.S. is 23rd. Why do you
think this is true? The average American eats 170 pounds of sugar
every year. Junk food and processed food with no nutrients cut
our life span by years and ensure that most of us
will suffer from prolonged
degenerative disease before we die.

Changing your diet is the least expensive and most productive
thing you can do to improve your health and lifespan. I began
getting this right when I married my present wife in 1995. I
was 64.


OK, you’ve heard it since grade school. Exercise is good for you.
But did you know that gradually building up to one hour a day of
strenuous exercise (where it is difficult but not impossible to
talk to the person next to you) doesn’t just benefit your bones,
muscles, tendons, endurance, etc.? It also affects your cellular
health and avoids cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteo-
porosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome,
chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and virtually all other
degenerative disease.

Get clearance from your doctor, of course, and get supervision
when you start by hiring a qualified trainer. Details of the
program I use are in my book. I started a regular exercise
program I’ve become “hooked” on when I was 60. What’s your
excuse? Age? Physical condition? Hey — just do it!


Just take “One-A-Day” vitamins and you’re home free. NOT!!

The so-called “Recommended Daily Allowances” (RDA) of vitamins and
minerals are woefully below the optimum level you need to maintain
vibrant health. There is no real excuse for this. There are
thousands of studies of the effect of supplements and the best
daily dosage. Unfortunately, if you try to follow these guidelines
with individual supplements like Vitamin C, beta carotene, CoQ10,
colloidal silver, selenium, astralagus, etc., etc. you will soon
go broke.

Better to find one of the formulas put together by knowledgeable
health professionals. I mention the one I have used for about 15
years in my book. I am 73 and in perfect health. It is Dr. David
Williams’ Daily Advantage. It costs about $44 a month, but it has
kept me healthy ever since I started taking it (and exercising
regularly). You can get more information at Dr. Williams’ web site:

or by calling Mountain Home Nutritionals in Ranson, West Virginia
at (800) 888-1415.

I get no compensation of any kind from any of the products I recommend.
My conviction that this is the best, however, was reinforced recently
when I read a book called “Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements,”
by Lyle MacWilliam, BSc, MSc, FP. The author had compiled charts which
compared 500 “nutritionals” supplements. Daily Advantage was not one
of them. However, when I compared its ingredients with the “top 5” in
the book using his “blended standard,” it was better than any of them.

Your age now is immaterial. Whatever age you are, whatever your current
health condition is, starting a sound supplement program is essential.
I started getting this right when I was 58.


The above three “vitals” — diet, exercise and supplements — form what
many have called a “three-legged stool of health.” The idea is that
if you neglect any one of the legs, the “stool” (your health) collapses.

Others have suggested that the “stool” has a fourth leg, which is
spiritual faith. I don’t try to cover it in my book, but there is
evidence that it has a strong role in maintaining or regaining your

I’ll be back soon with an article on specific recommendations for
overcoming cancer. I am just a “reporter,” not a medical professional.
Any changes in your health regiman should be discussed with your doctor.

About the Author

Bill Henderson is the author of “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free.” His books and 70 newsletters have helped over 600 people in 51 countries overcome their cancer in the last 4 years. He provides phone and e-mail answers to his individual reader’s questions. His web site is:

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