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The Best Cancer Treatment Options (Article 6 of 6)
Publish Date : 1/10/2006 6:11:18 AM   Source : Bill Henderson

OK, enough of the philosophy! What, specifically, do I recommend
you take to overcome your cancer and get “cancer-free.” [We’re
not using the word “cure” simply because, as you recall, we’re
healthy with just a million or so cancer cells being produced
every day by our cell division process.]

So, you have gotten a start on changing your lifestyle — diet,
exercise and supplements. You have started on a program to
stimulate your immune system. What’s next?


You’re battling cancer. Don’t kid yourself. It is a formidable
foe. You don’t just continue your normal routine of a stressful
workday, emotional stress, travel, etc. You must make cancer
your “life” until you overcome it. But you can overcome it, as
millions of others have. I know several hundred of them
personally and I admire each and every one. This is like a
military campaign. You have to have a good strategy, and then,
you must employ the best weapons.

I can’t recommend specific treatments for individuals. There are
liability problems with doing that. I’m a “reporter,” not a
medical professional. What I can do is describe for you what I
would do if I “had” cancer. What type of cancer? It would not
matter. I would pursue the same course if it were colon, lung,
prostate, or pancreatic cancer — or even if it were leukemia
or lymphoma or melanoma. There are some specific things I would
take, in addition, if I had certain kinds of cancer. These are
discussed in detail in my book. But, in general, this is a
regimen I would follow regardless of the type or stage of the


* Cottage cheese and flaxseed oil. What? Are you kidding? No,
dead serious. You’ll find the details and lots of testimonials
in Chapter 5 of my book. I can’t go into detail here, but rest
assured that thousands of cancer patients patients have been
healed with this substance first discovered by Dr. Johanna
Budwig, a 100-year-old German cancer doctor who has been
nominated for seven Nobel prizes for her work with the science
of lipids (fats) in human cells. I eat this every day for
prevention. It’s food (substitutes for at least one meal a
day) so costs nothing…Nada.

* Dr. Matthias Rath’s formula. It is a mixture of Vitamin C,
L-lysine and L-proline (two amino acids). Not impressed?
Well, this formula happens to control metastasis (the spreading
of cancer cells). The only way cancer can kill you is through
metastasis. Fortunately, there is a source for this formula
which costs about one-sixth of what Dr. Rath charges for it.
That source, for lots of supplements at wholesale prices, is
Their product, which copies the Dr. Rath formula is called
“Heart Plus.” You get a “double-whammy” because it also
prevents heart disease. Cost: $0.32 a day.

* Barley Power from Green Supreme, Inc. This powerful stuff
gives you 3,000 enzymes (all there are) plus a stiff dose of
alkalinity. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline body. This
is the cheapest and best barley product I know of. Every cancer
patient should take at least 20 of these tablets a day. Read
the story of the 83-year old cancer survivor who recovered from
Stage 4 metastasized stomach cancer using only these tablets.
It’s in Chapter 5 of my book “Cancer-Free.” Cost: $1.40 a day.

* Cancer-fighting diet. Read Patrick Quillin’s book “Beating
Cancer With Nutrition” and use his recipes. This is the best
cancer nutrition book I have read. It’s available at
or in bookstores. Cost: $0.00. [Probably less than your
current diet.]

* Dr. Williams’ Daily Advantage. I mentioned this in one of the
earlier articles. It is the best vitamin, mineral, amino acid,
antioxidant, essential fatty acid, superfood combination I have
found. Cost: $1.46 a day.

Total cost of this regimen, including the immune system stimulants
I mentioned in the previous article is about $4.68 for the
maintenance dose. For the first 6 weeks or so, the cost is about
$8.88 per day. So for an initial cost of $266 a month and a
continuing cost of $140 a month, you can be cancer-free. This
is a lot less than most of us spend on a car payment.

The complete ordering information on all these products plus many
others like Protocel, Paw Paw, Onconat I, Artemisinin, Crystal
Calcium, Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, PC Essentials, Red Raspberry
tablets and lots more is in my “Cancer-Free” book.


Let me close this “short course” with a mental picture I’d like
you to take away. In my life, I have owned two swimming pools.
No more. Too much maintenance. But one thing you learn early
on about swimming pools is that algae formation in the water
must be controlled. Once it begins to take over, the sides of
the pool become coated with this “green mung” and recovery becomes
difficult, but not impossible.

Today’s conventional cancer treatment doctors (oncologists,
radiologists, surgeons, etc.) remind me of SCUBA divers diving
into the pool (your body) and blasting away at the algae in an
attempt to kill it off and stop its growth. If you’ve ever
tried to overcome algae in a pool, you know the only way is to
correct the chemical composition (alkalinity, chlorine level,
etc.) of the water. At that point, the pool becomes sparklng
and attractive again. The algae dies off and is disposed of
with a vacuum.

The above regimen (“The Weapons”) describes a way to bring the
“chemistry” of your body back into sparkling, attractive health
by correcting the normal balance of the pool’s water (your body).
That’s my mission, folks. To convince people like you to learn
the procedure and substances necessary to restore that balance.
That’s what I mean by “taking charge of your own health care.”

The dead algae (cancer cells) are disposed of by your body’s
normal “vacuuming” system. Too rapid a “die-off” of the cancer
cells can cause problems with this cleansing system. That’s
one reason you need “assistance.” The above “Weapons” are
gentle enough that they can be taken “until the doctor comes.”

Get started and let me know if I can help you. My e-mail
address and “800” phone number come with your purchase of my
e-book or paperback. To your health!!

About the Author

Bill Henderson is the author of “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free.” His books and 70 newsletters have helped over 600 people in 51 countries overcome their cancer in the last 4 years. He provides phone and e-mail answers to his individual reader’s questions. His web site is: Premium Link Partners

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Premium Link Partners

Become a Premium Link Partner

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