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Should you be taking a Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
Publish Date : 1/10/2006 6:11:17 AM   Source : Pauline Robinson

Your body has a genetic need for certain amounts and balances of nutrients in order to function efficiently. One of the stunning revelations of HealthSmart Nutrition’s system of Metabolic
Bio Typing is that any given nutrient can have opposite biochemical effects in different
Bio Types.

For example, potassium stimulates the parasympathetic side of the Autonomic Nervous System, thereby making a person more alkaline, if this is the strongest working bio system in a person, but potassium also increases the rate of oxidation, thereby making someone who’s oxidation system is strongest even more acidic than they already are. So taking potassium is good for you if you are an acid-type Sympathetic Autonomic Dominant, or an alkaline-type Slow Oxidative Dominant, but bad for you if you are an already alkaline Parasympathetic Autonomic Dominant or an already acid Fast Oxidative Dominant! Which form of potassium is good for you is determined by what Metabolic Bio Type you are.

A supplement containing potassium citrate, for example, has a completely different effect than one containing potassium chloride. Potassium citrate essentially produces an alkaline effect, but potassium chloride has an acid effect.

To illustrate this highly significant issue, potassium is needed by Sympathetics (who are acid) and Slow Oxidizers (who are alkaline). But
potassium citrate is bad for a Slow Oxidizer. The reverse is true for potassium chloride — it’s great for a Slow Oxidizer, but disastrous for a Sympathetic.

The reality is that you can neutralize or even adversely override the benefit of a nutritional supplement if you take it in a form that is wrong for your Metabolic Bio Type!

The biochemical reality is that vitamins, minerals and amino acids have very specific and potent stimulatory or inhibitory effects on the body’s biological control systems. What is vitally necessary is to take supplements that are specifically designed to support and help balance your individual body chemistry. Conversely, a general, broad-spectrum, multiple vitamin will contain some nutrients that will balance your body chemistry, but will also contain other nutrients that will actually push your chemistry even further out of balance.

A person who has been determined to need a diet that is higher in protein needs specific vitamins like Calcium, Iodine, Phosphorus, certain B vitamins etc. but not Potassium, Magnesium, Chromium, or some of the other B vitamins.

Taking the wrong combination of vitamins may actually make you feel worse, instead of helping you to feel better.

How does a person find out what metabolic bio type they are? HealthSmart Nutrition has establish a maximum health building program for those
who love Health. It is called Metabolic Bio Typing. You can find out your metabolic bio type by taking an on-line assessment consisting of a simple and easy to answer questionnaire over the internet (
and your consultation (to explain the results) can be carried out in person or by e-mail – so your geographical location is not an issue.

You can go to
to find out more information about this exciting program.

About the Author

Pauline Robinson is a Nutritional and Metabolic Bio Typing Consultant for HealthSmart Nutrition

For Metabolic Bio Typing info go to

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