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School Principal Discovers Effective Supplement For Kids With Concentration Problems.
Publish Date : 1/10/2006 6:11:17 AM   Source : David Lear

For Dallas elementary school principal Denise Hampton, the miraculous journey that was about to unfold started with her niece Ashley’s concentration problems in school.

Ashley, who was ten years old at the time, was having the same problem that many kids her age experience in school: lack of focus and concentration. Far too often, kids with these issues are hastily labeled with ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. Ashley’s fate, however, was taking a turn for the better.

Hampton was exploring therapy options for her niece when a Dallas physician suggested a new class of nutrients called glyconutrients. Hampton found that these nutrients provide the body with eight special sugars called monosaccharides.
She also discovered that mainstream science had validated these newly discovered sugars as absolutely necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. Without these sugars in the diet, a variety of health issues cold arise including poor concentration.

For Hampton, the clincher was research showing that these special sugars are rarely found in kid’s (or adult’s) diets. She reasoned that if these nutrients were added to her niece’s diet, then perhaps she would see a change in Ashley’s behavior.

Hampton ordered some of the supplements and started Ashley on them right away. She didn’t have to wait long. Within two weeks, Ashley began to show obvious improvements in her ability to focus and concentrate. Over the following weeks it became even more evident something very special was happening. Not only were Ashley’s powers of concentration increasing but remarkably, so were her grades.

Seeing such obvious changes in her niece, it occurred to Hampton that similar transformations might also be possible in some of the other students in her school. It was known to Hampton that many of the kids in her school had learning and concentration difficulties and that a number of them were on prescription medications.

Having seen such a remarkable turnaround in Ashley, she wondered what would happen if she could get some of the more difficult kids in her school on the same glyconutritional regimen.

As luck would have it, Hampton made a connection with a charitable group that provides glyconutritional supplements to disadvantaged children around the world. Working with this group (Manna Relief), as well as with parents and medical professionals, Hampton’s dream of providing these supplements to some of Ashley’s classmates became a reality.

It wasn’t long before a large group of kids in Ashley’s school with severe learning and emotional disabilities were started on a glyconutritional regimen. As Hampton predicted, within two weeks, she and her staff began to see positive changes. Not only were these kids focusing better but they were also retaining information more fully and becoming more emotionally stable.

As the kids continued their glyconutritional regimen, an unexpected side benefit occurred: the school’s poor academic standing climbed to one of the highest in the state of Texas.

Hampton has no doubt that these supplements are playing a pivotal role in helping kids to excel in their studies. Based on everything she’s seen, Hampton believes that parents would greatly increase their kid’s chances of success at school by providing them with these remarkable supplements.

About the Author

David Lear is an independent nutrition researcher and free-lance writer. His main interest is in supplements that improve health. For further information on the supplements referred to in this article, visit

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