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Moducare – Immune System Supplement
Publish Date : 1/10/2006 6:11:16 AM   Source : Tzaf

Don’t you envy those people who never seem to get ill and who sail through the cold and flu season without a sniffle. Brimming with energy and vigour no matter how busy they are. And wouldn’t you just love to be one of them? What’s the secret? Its simple. Tap into your body’s inborn power to prevent and treat diseases naturally. Colds and flu – fight them off! Infections – keep them away! Allergies – ease symptoms like magic! Stop envying those people who never get sick. Unlock the secret to a powerful immune system.

Short Story

The following story graphically illustrates the importance that your immune system plays in whether or not you stay healthy. A man gets on a flight from the Far East to Seattle with active TB. Of the 200 passengers exposed on that flight 40 subsequently test positive to TB. What made the difference on those that were able to ward off the infection? They had strong, vigilant immune systems.

Why we need to look after our immune system

Our immune system is an intricately connected internal army – able to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancer cells effectively when it is working efficiently. Unfortunately due to poor diet, high sugar consumption, unrelenting daily stress, environmental toxins, overwork, ageing – even our negative thoughts and feelings, our immune systems are being damaged without us realising it – by either becoming more suppressed or on the other hand causing the immune system to turn on the very body its supposed to protect. We need to look after our immune system and provide it with the fuel to fight this never-ending battle.

Why Moducare?

A unique complex of sterols and sterolins involving a highly specialised proprietary process, MODUCARE was developed as a result of the dedication of a man wanting to help his uncle recover from prostrate cancer. It worked! MODUCARE gets to the root of the problem. Unlike supplements such as Echinacea which only stimulates the immune system – Moducare normalises any immune abnormalities and optimises and puts the immune system back into balance superbly– up regulating or boosting an under active response and down regulating an overactive one. The result is simple – Repairs any immune dysfunction or abnormality – and strengthens your immune health to its peak performance.

Instructions for use

As a food supplement take 1 capsule 3 times a day.

If you are pregnant, nursing, a diabetic or an organ transplant recipient or have multiple sclerosis do not use unless on the advice or under the direct supervision of a health care professional.

MODUCARE Natural Immune System Supplement. Restores, strengthens and balances the immune system. 90 Veg Caps – 1 Months Supply

For just £21.95 inc P+P


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