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Publish Date : 1/10/2006 6:11:15 AM   Source : Jane Kriese

The colon is the part of the large intestine extending from the cecum to the rectum. The most common sign of a toxic colon is constipation. Dead food leads to constipation, toxic build up, weight gain, and low energy. Constipation results when waste materials move too slowly through the large bowel, resulting in infrequent and/or painful elimination. 
This process causes putrefied, nasty materials to stay in the colon too long and old fecal matter starts to harden and stick to the colon. Over 2.5 million North American’s suffer from constipation. Most North Americans are storing 5 to 10 pounds of old fecal matter in their bodies. We are all subject to this problem, even the rich and famous. It has been documented that John Wayne had 40 pounds of built up fecal matter in his colon and Elvis Presley had 60 pounds of built up fecal matter when he died.
You could say we are all full of s_ _ t! 
Now, you are probably wondering what causes constipation? Basically the causes are our life style. We lack fiber and water in our diet, eat junk food, lack of exercise, advanced age and bowel disorders. It may also be the side effects of iron supplements, some drugs or pain killers. 
Dr. Bernard Jensen D.C. PhD. says “poor bowel management lies at the root of most peoples health problems”. This is because the poisons back up in the system polluting our inner environment. We call this auto intoxication or self poisoning.
The following conditions can be related to constipation; allergies, bad breath, foul spelling gas and stools, diarrhea, sluggish elimination, irregular bowel movements, frequent congestion, colds, viruses, frequent headaches, general aches and pains, intolerance to fatty foods, low energy, low back pain, low resistance to infection, needing to sleep a long time, pain in liver or gallbladder, P.M.S., breast soreness, vaginal infection, skin problems, boils, pimples or acne.
Some healers in the natural world have implicated constipation as a contributing factor in the following diseases and disorders; Appendicitis, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, benign tumors, I.B.S. (including spastic bowel ulcerative colitis & Crohn’s disease, gout, rheumatoid arthritis and obesity. Let’s face it, this doesn’t sound healthy.
To rid the body of this condition you need to change your lifestyle and cleanse your body; for the lifestyle changes, I refer you to the free E-Book, “9 Steps To A Healthy Vibrant Life”, Step Four “Examining Your Life Style”. The book as available at . Remember, you must increase your water and fiber! 
Now it is time to cleanse the body and cleanse the body and cleanse the body. Any time we have a life style disease it is safe to say the first step is to cleanse. The cleanses are also in the book “9 Steps To A Healthy Vibrant Body”. The Colon Cleanse is excellent and very inexpensive. These cleanses can be done fairly often, if needed. I recommend two cleanses a year for maintenance of good health.
There are also some herbs that help activate the bowel and they are; parsley, black seed, cascara and worm wood. You might also find relief using Psyllium Husk as this contains dietary fiber.
Does colon cleansing look like a cure all to a lot of lifestyle diseases? It is! cleansing your colon will remove a lot of poison from your body and it will help you assimilate the goodness from your vitamins and minerals. This and a better lifestyle will give you a healthy, vibrant body. 
© 2005 Jane Kriese

Would you like to have a Healthy Vibrant Body?
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About the Author

I am the web master for the site,,
I love to study, and write articles, about holistic cures for life style diseases. It is exciting to educate people, and watch as they change their life style by, introducing holistic products, and new habits, into their life. Many of these people have healed their bodies. The holistic world is full of hope and joy, and I believe with effort we can have a healthy vibrant body.

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