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Enzymes, Consult Your Doctor
Publish Date : 1/10/2006 6:11:14 AM   Source : Loring A. Windblad

This compilation of information is Copyright 2005 by and Loring Windblad. The references for this series of articles is the author’s personal knowledge and experience plus excerpts from several excellent books on enzymes. This article may be freely copied and used on other web sites only if it is copied complete with all links and text, including this header, intact and unchanged except for minor improvements such as misspellings and typos.

Here’s a toughie. You want to embark on a new diet. You ask yourself: “Do I have to get my doctor’s approval”?

Although enzymes are considered a safe food not needing a doctor’s approval, it is always advisable to get the input of your health care physician when making decisions or changes regarding your health. This includes with any diets (particularly very restrictive ones), supplements, or over the counter products. Many supplements or diets can affect neurology. Some supplements may not be safe in higher amounts. A medical professional needs to know everything you are taking or would like to take in order to make good recommendations for your health. Although enzymes are very rarely a problem, adverse interactions are possible among other ‘all natural herbs,’ vitamins, or over-the-counter compounds. Most doctors do not have much training in nutrition and they may recommend you see someone who specializes in nutrition. Most doctors consider digestive enzymes a safe thing to try, just like you would bottled water, fresh fruit, or whole grains not really requiring medical approval.

Many people nowadays have given up on physicians – the medical profession – generally and have opted for alternative medicine. So, alternatively, you should consult, if not your physician, then certainly your Holistic Health Care Provider. In fact, in basic medical classroom training the typical Holistic Doctor has one full semester of academic work more than what the medical doctors training provides, and the same residency and professional requirements.

So, having come this far, what else do I need to know?

Many people are able to significantly reduce their costs for food, supplements and therapies with these enzyme products. Many families are able to find more manageable and enjoyable ways to assist their children and improve their quality of life. All age groups show improvements of some kind, even significant ones, including teens and adults, although results for any specific individual may vary considerably. People have been using enzymes for years to safely assist in food intolerances and allergies, leaky gut syndrome, yeast, and immune system support among others. These well-researched benefits probably explain the overwhelming success rate and the wide range of improvement. Because enzymes have proven to help each of the wide variety of biological conditions seen with many neurological conditions, including autism, the high success rate of people improvement is logical, reasonable, and based in sound scientific principles. Of the individuals who tried these enzymes for other conditions, the vast majority have reported at least some benefits (chronic fatigue, AD(H)D, asthma, fibromyalgia, sensory issues, migraines, allergies, etc.)

Bio88+ (Plus) comes in a liquid form which is 90 percent efficacious and literally goes to work in your system within seconds of taking. However, many “greens” products, if not all of them, are based in part upon grains – wheat, rye, barley or oats – i.e., gluten containing grains. Any form of gluten can be an instant poisoning to your system if you suffer from Celiac disease. Make certain to consult your doctor if you are on a gluten-free diet. Feel free to contact the author by email for additional information.

This is the end of our series on Enzymes and Your Health….but all is not lost as there are many more articles on health and nutrition in the mill and being written.

Disclaimer: These articles in no way should be taken as medical advice on any product or condition, nor do they constitute in any way medical advice endorsing any specific product, specific result, nor any possible cure for any condition or problem. They are meant as a source of information upon which you may base your decision as to whether or not you should begin using a greens product as a dietary supplement. If in doubt, or if you have questions, you should consult your physician and, if possible, consult a second physician for a possible different opinion. The author bears no responsibility for your decisions nor for the outcome of your actions based upon those decisions.

About the Author

Loring Windblad has studied nutrition and exercise for more than 40 years, is a published author and freelance writer. His latest business endeavor is at

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